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ABSTRACT (the full article will be available in English soon)

Entrepreneurship education is at the crossroads. On the one hand, entrepreneurship, as a teaching object, is very widespread in business schools, engineering schools and universities. On the other hand, entrepreneurship education lacks of legitimacy and critical approaches aiming at counterbalancing the influences of neoliberal ideology and dominant thoughts. The main objective of this interdisciplinary article is to propose an emancipatory entrepreneurship education pedagogy, centered around problem-based learning, and using key concepts from Paulo Freire’s educational model and critical constructivism. This proposed emancipatory model in the field of entrepreneurship education has important implications for learners, educators, educational systems and societies. (Editor’s note: this article was first published on November 23, 2021 in the Revue Interdisciplinaire Droit et Organizations, number 1, 2021, pages 56-76. In collaboration with its author, a few elements have nevertheless been adapted to be more suited to the audience of our website. The second part of this article will be published next week).

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