Our approach is based on ‘Generative Abundance’, a term we have developed. Generative Abundance is a creative force based on unconditional giving. Generative Abundance triggers a virtuous chain of positive spin-offs that become a multiplying force bringing about an over-abundance, to the benefit of all actors.

To stimulate the creation of Generative Abundance we have developed the KindStones™.

Through this website, we regularly publish articles covering all the different aspects of KINDNESS. We feature external contributors as well as our own editorial work – this is available on the homepage as well as under the contents section.

  • Also available on the homepage and under the News section are our workshops and other events
  • Our community is called KINDnity and is made of active members, contributors, signatories to our manifesto, and followers. We encourage you to follow us on our Linkedin page

Our team operates in a sociocratic mode on the basis of a proposal that its members are continuously improving.


We advocate for leadership that:

  1. integrates a greater and deeper purpose creating meaningful environments for all employees;
  2. conveys, within the organization, a mindset and a set of practices and values that:• develop the human potential inside and outside the organization,• respect the environment but also take initiative oriented to achieving a positive social impact, particularly at the local level,• implement growth for good and generate profit with a better value proposition,• create a mutual advantage that can benefit employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers and more broadly the community, in a continuous, circular flow.


We firmly believe that we can introduce a true and effective principle of KINDNESS in business that benefits the business.

What is KINDNESS? In a nutshell, it is about ‘Showing Respect and Demonstrating Trust’.

The outcome of this paradigm shift would be a lasting improvement of our organizations towards:

  • gaining agility
  • leveraging collective intelligence and harnessing an unrevealed source of creativity
  • improving human potential and developing self-awareness
  • delivering a better experience for employees, clients and all other stakeholders
  • creating greater value as well as more shared-value and impact