Raison d’être

It’s time for us to commit to crafting sustainable and human-centered professional environments by spreading knowledge that can radically modify the mindset of as many organizations as possible

The advent of digitalization, the rapidly evolving business environment (characterized by the VUCA scenario – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and a massive shift in the aspirations of citizens have begun to design a brand-new context. The leadership and organizational models currently in use are no longer suitable. The disconnection between new challenges and traditional answers, mainly inherited from 19th century models and based around a mechanical conception of our world, has produced a mass of disengaged professionals. Combined with a lack of a human-centric purpose, our organizations suffer from a real pandemic of malaise.

KINDNESSforBusiness gathers entrepreneurs, executives as well as leaders who are all aware of this issue because they have experienced it first-hand, and are determined to achieve change by acting within their context and inside our movement.

Some visionary pioneers have already shown that a new paradigm, consisting of new leadership models, organization, decision making and practices can help our companies to become more agile, more resilient, more successful and ABOVE ALL more respectful of human beings and the planet, all while making larger profits.


The Coronavirus crisis may be the catalyst that could reset a significant part of the political-economic system and give a decisive acceleration to adopting a viable, beneficial and powerful alternative.


KINDNESSforBusiness aims at promoting a business operating philosophy based on so-called Generative Abundance, by:

1- disseminating knowledge to support change-makers and leaders in trying new practices and tools but most of all a new mindset conducive to more human-centric organizations, all of this while improving their business

2- demonstrating that this paradigm is not only innovative but is also accessible, viable, and beneficial.

Our view is that this new paradigm must be embedded in a renewed expression of capitalism that can fulfil the interests of all stakeholders.