Some people in our community wondered why we did not communicate on #internationalkindnessday. We did it for a reason: we think #everyday should be about KINDNESS. Also, for us KINDNESS is much more that what is commonly understood by it. It is much more than just being polite, or courteous and attentive to others.

Our KINDNESS concept is a mutually reinforcing system of values that encompasses #trust, care and consideration for others, but also extends to completely re-thinking the way our workplaces are organized, by actively pursuing sense, emancipation, #collectiveintelligence and generative abundance.

If you too think that KINDNESS is much more than kindness, read our Manifesto https://www.kindnessforbusiness.org/manifesto and become a member today https://www.kindnessforbusiness.org/join-us

KINDNESSforBusiness intends to promote and to disseminate knowledge in order to help change makers and leaders to try new practices, new tools but most of all a new mindset to craft surroundings and organizations more human-centered but also more planet-centered and improve their business and impact.

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