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Leading the best sellers since its release in France in September, the book The child, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy has recently invaded the corridors of the Paris metro via an unprecedented poster campaign glorifying … KINDNESS, presenting it quite simply as the ultimate ambition, the new goal to be reached, the promise of an incomparable accomplishment of a society finally ready to embrace the post-Covid world.

It is interesting to note that this French campaign is only the variation of the English campaign which already featured the word KINDNESS in a similar way, not only in the United Kingdom but also around the world. Since its publication at the end of 2019, on the eve of the pandemic, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse has indeed become an international bestseller bearing the colors of hope and gentleness. In mid-May, Mackesy was named Illustrator of the Year by the jury of the British Book Awards 2021.

If you are not yet familiar with his beautiful and inspiring creations, we cannot recommend them enough to help you escape quickly and simply to the land of KINDNESS. Perhaps, like us, you will find some ideas to apply in your daily professional life…

Curious by nature, I am a world citizen. In 2018, I founded SANAGI, my own consultancy dedicated to Innovation & Change Management through the lens of Branding, Design, Societal trends & CSR.

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