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For our second podcast, our co-founder Allen Vernier had the pleasure of interviewing Pauline de Becdelièvre, professor at ENS Paris Saclay and member of the IDHES-CNRS laboratory, in particular about the last longitudinal study that she conducted from March 2020 to December 2021 with François Grima, University Professor at UPEC, on the impact of the pandemic on meaning at work, of which she has just published the second part.

We invited Pauline following the publication of one of her op-eds in the newspaper Le Monde last summer and we are delighted that she accepted our invitation to share her findings with our listeners.

And if you want to deepen the subject of the transformation of the manager through meaning, we invite you to see or review the second part of the cycle of webinars that we co-organized in 2021 with the CCIFS around benevolent management where Allen was then accompanied Laurent Burgat, Renault Switzerland HR Director and DACH Transformation Manager and Sophie Her, Consultant and other co-founder of KINDNESSforBusiness. To do this, simply click on the following link

In March we will record two new podcasts, this time with business leaders and managers, and there is no doubt that we will revisit the question of meaning at work with them. Stay connected !


Pauline de Becdelievre is a lecturer at ENS Paris Saclay and member of the IDHES-CNRS laboratory. She holds a doctorate from Université Paris 2 Panthéon Assas. Her research focuses on careers, the self-employed and the union world. She has published several articles in journals such as Revue de Gestion des Ressources Humaines or Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations. She was a visiting professor at Université d’État de Floride to study trade unions and is part of many associations: AOMEGOS or AGRH.

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