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Our co-founder Olivier RAYMOND had the pleasure of speaking this morning on behalf of KindnessForBusiness on the Paris campus of ICN Business School in Frédéric Parmentier’s ‘Music and Human Resources’ course (founder of Mazic), organized as part of the Artem Alliance which has given itself the wonderful mission of promoting dialogue between Art, Technology and Management.

The opportunity for stimulating exchanges with students on the theme of benevolent management which tend to confirm that the new generation is more advanced than the previous ones with regard to KINDNESS. But also on the links between music and brand identity.

KINDNESSforBusiness intends to promote and to disseminate knowledge in order to help change makers and leaders to try new practices, new tools but most of all a new mindset to craft surroundings and organizations more human-centered but also more planet-centered and improve their business and impact.

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