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Today, our co-founder Allen VERNIER had the opportunity to visit the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne on the occasion of the annual BioAlps Networking Day for an event dedicated to the Medicine of the Future. For 20 years, the association has brought together universities, companies and institutions within a rich ecosystem serving the development of Life Sciences.

Over the minutes and keynotes, what themes were discussed beyond Science ? Trust, paradigm shift, inclusion, transversality … Themes that we also develop within KINDNESSforBusiness, with perhaps common answers to the same universal question of (useless) suffering, whether it be physical or psychological …

Thanks to Philippe SIBOUR from Alliance consultation for his invitation and bravo to the speakers:

  • Claude Clément from the BioAlps association
  • Christine Pirinoli, vice-rector of the HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland,
  • Dr. Andreas Uttenweiler from the Takeda Group
  • Nasri Nahas, director of Biopôle Lausanne

KINDNESSforBusiness intends to promote and to disseminate knowledge in order to help change makers and leaders to try new practices, new tools but most of all a new mindset to craft surroundings and organizations more human-centered but also more planet-centered and improve their business and impact.

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