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Disruptors are very specific minds. They love business but they do not create in the first instance for the bottom line or their customers satisfaction. They live to create an exciting work of art, that comes from their transgressive and deepest inner self and that is here to shake paradigms and bring new and powerful meanings to the world. The issue is that Disruptors often misjudge themselves because of their alienness to the norms. They tend to think they are some kind of evil who needs to be corrected. That they are either monstrous or crazy. My job is to help them to fall in love with their disruptive nature and to create with their disruptive genius (aka their monster and their madness) instead of leaving it locked in their shadow.

I believe this is a deep act of kindness for 3 main reasons :
– Disruptors stop their war with themselves and stop living in a state of frustration and existential crisis;
– They create with their true genius and their true gifts;
– Their innovative work of art and their business create great value to their stakeholders.


As a corporate coach, Hélène helps entrepreneurs and leaders to set their disruptive genius free and to shape their business in order to create an exciting work of art. How does she transform leaders and their business ? She connects them to their deepest inner truth, the one that both activates their professionnal libido and scares them to the bones : their monster and their madness. More on her website : www.truthteller.fr

Allen Vernier
I have a dream: together we can create a better, healthier and wealthier world. It's very simple: business and life is about People and we all have great talents and some bravery.

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